The Devil

Oracle card  - The Devil

Most people are content when they have destroyed the mask of their persona, and are able to return to a normal life. But for some, this quest continues in a search for something bigger, a complete union with the spiritual law of reality. It is not enough to sense that life is permeated by spirit. They wish to feel this force with full clarity, and their enlightenment, teachings, and examples are enriching for all of us. In its purest form, life is simple, clean and indistinguishable energy, where everything lives and co-exists. Eternity doesn’t have shapes, parts or pieces. Our consciousness protects us from such an overwhelming experience. It divides life in opposites and categories. We need to look outside these limiting illusions, to understand the immense force of life, and get a sense of ourselves as part of this force. The devil provides an outlook to divisive illusions. It gives a deeper understanding what true liberation contains. The grandest illusion of all is the material world, the obsession with belongings, and the limiting idea that nothing exists beyond the sensual, material world. This kind of limited thinking will only lead to misery.

To pass the veils to the unconscious, we need to go through the heart of darkness. The Devil represents an expression of suppressed energy. The work with this process requires a substantial amount of vital energy. The road to enlightenment lies beyond the dark domain of the Devil.

Sexual and spiritual energy is ultimately the same. The path to Spirit can be found through desire. If this force is elevated to a higher level, we are freed from the restrictions of dualities. But be careful not to become a slave of your desires.