Hanged Man

Oracle card  - Hanged Man

After the crisis, enters the peaceful state of reconciliation. The reversed position of the hanged man is a symbol of reversed attitude and experience, attained through spiritual awakening. Where other people think they are free and in reality are driven around by forces they don’t understand, you will experience real freedom if you understand and embrace these powers. A deep spiritual understanding can only be achieved through retreating from society. The Hanged man shows a picture of peace and understanding. Total stillness is present, the Hanged man has submitted to enter the rituals instead of just watching them. This bring forth liberation of feelings that have been suppressed. The surrendering of the ego is a sort of death. The faith of the Hanged man is to surrender. The Hanged man experiences life through attention on the inner life. The Hanged man represents independency. It is a message that you should be yourself no matter what others think. The card symbolises the feeling of being deeply in tune with life, and can also be the peaceful state that comes after hardship.