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Amethyst Yoni Egg - Medium

Amethyst Yoni Egg - Medium

Amethyst is a well known and beautiful gemstone that is deeply activating for our psychic awareness. This stone has long been utilized for powerful meditative states and energetic clearing. Whatever is in our way on a mental or psychic level can be gently and lovingly moved through with amethyst.
This purple and white crystal have also been revered over time for balancing destructive tendencies, known as a “sobering” stone.
As a yoni egg, amethyst is said to assist us in moving through energies that have clouded our body’s ability to be in full power in her receptivity and pleasure. Amethyst is known to help us create a more orgasmic experience of ourselves, our yonis and our passionate creative centers.
Seize  ca. (40 x 25mm)