Crystals are a great tool to connect with Earth and its energies. They speak to us with their beauty, but also on an energetic level, where they can act as conductors for the universal life flow. Different crystals have different purposes, and interact with us individually, since we all are unique beings. The best way to choose a crystal is to let your intuition guide you, and see which stone you are most attracted by.

The most popular healers are the purple Amethyst, that connects us with our higher purpose and spiritual power, beautiful pink Rose quartz that reminds us of love and clears the atmosphere from any negative impact, white Quartz that is the light embodied and the king of the crystals.

Black Obsidian brings fire and purification, just to mention some of them. There are so many other wonderful crystals just waitng to be discovered by you and guide you with your soul’s purpose!

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