Introduction to Yoni egg

Learn the best practices of using a Yoni egg a with clear, step-by-step instructions, as well as detailed information on the benefits of Yoni eggs and how to select the right type of egg for you. Perfect for Yoni egg beginners and experienced users alike.

How to use your Yoni egg

The yoni egg is a small crystal egg that is inserted into the vagina to train different parts of your pelvic floor. If you still don't know if it's for you, we've collected 8 good reasons to start training with yoni eggs here.

The stone

First you have to choose which crystal your yoni egg should be made of. Perhaps you believe in the stone's inherent energies, or perhaps there is a stone that suits your zodiac sign particularly well. Maybe you're drawn to a particular kind of aesthetic, or maybe you just like the color. No matter how you choose, it is you who must carry the stone in your body, and you know best what is important to take into account.


We are all very different inside, so it is difficult to say something universal about which size is right for you. You know your own body best. As a general rule, the smaller the yoni egg, the stronger the muscles you need to be in order to hold onto it. Therefore, most people will be happy to start training with a medium-sized yoni egg.
If you have just given birth, it will be easier for the vaginal muscles to grasp on to a large yoni egg. We recommend Small for those of you who have a strong and fit kegle muscle.

With or without string

In La Diosa we have both eggs with or without a drilled hole for a string string, for easily be able to pull out the yoni egg. You can replace the supplied nylon string with dental floss that has not been post-treated with either flavour or wax. You can also choose not to wear a string at all if it bothers you or doesn't suit your aesthetic. The yoni egg cannot disappear anywhere, as the cervix is too narrow to allow the egg to pass. If you have problems getting the yoni egg out, you can squat and cough and it will come out by itself.

Preparing the egg

Before using your yoni egg for the first time, it is a good idea to clean it with mild soap and water, or with a cleaning spray.

Get started

Some people are quite impatient and wish to commence immediately, whereas for others, it may take a few attempts. If you are among the latter, it might be nice to spend some time with the egg; hold it in your hand, meditate with it or put it under your pillow while you sleep. There are many who have been in contact with your yoni egg before it reached you, and if you believe that the stone has inherent energies, it can be nice to let the yoni egg and your energies meet each other before you start the training.


There are many different exercises you can do with your yoni egg. Some exercises tone and strengthen the muscles, while others create flexibility or relaxation. And your reasons for using the yoni egg can vary from anything between incontinence, the desire for more and deeper orgasms to self-care or certain spiritual practices. We recommend Women's Sexual Pulse where the various exercises are described. We can recommend making it into a small ritual or practice. Create an atmosphere of serenity, lay down on your back and apply a high quality lubricant to the yoni egg. With the wide end of the yoni egg, you make circular movements on your inner labia and gently let the egg slide in with rhythm of your breathing. Without doing anything else, your muscles will automatically grab onto the egg, which is why it is important that you only train for 20 minutes at a time to begin with.