About La Diosa

LA DIOSA invites you to unfold your full potential, and explore the magical realms. The concept is a tribute to the feminine divine within all of us. If you search for, and acknowledge the light within, you will also find it plentiful elsewhere.  Exploring the depths of your mind, body and soul will take you on a life-long adventure, and the riches you will find rests within yourself. With our selection of books, exclusive lingerie, sensual body-care and healing crystals, magical items and divination cards, there are plenty of tools to unleash your inner Goddess.

In addition to self-development work, we also offer an opportunity to connect with like-minded people, sharing wisdom and experiences in a safe and loving setting.  Every month we organise themed events, where you can go deeper and learn more about related topics, such as tarot reading, the healing properties of crystals, and perspectives on alternative spiritual practices, for example.

Sexuality and self-loving is a very powerful gateway to deep healing work. Therefore, LA DIOSA  embraces this dimension of being a strong and independent woman standing in her full power. 

The women serving in LA DIOSA  are practitioners of magic, urban witches, healers, sexologists, apprentices of pagan priestess-hood.

We call out to the like-minded! Join us in the practice of walking the path of love and light, unafraid of the dark.

Embrace your feminine divinity. Make the most of your life experience.

Love is the Law