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School of Tarot February - April

Upcoming workshop

“Questions as important as the answers” 
Sunday 28.4 2024 from 12.00-16.0

Previous workshops:
“Spreads and introduction” 
Sunday 25.2 2024 from 12.00-16.00

“Cards and intuition” 
Sunday 31.3 2024 from 12.00-16.00

Join the School of Tarot, last Sunday of the month, 4 hours duration each workshop.

Become an expert in how to interpret and let the cards guide you into deeper self-refection.

“I got my first set of Tarot Cards when I was 13 years old, from an older woman saying: You will use this in your life. And she was so right. Looking back, I have been using my cards for over 30 years. When I have used the same cards given to me in 30 years I made a small ritual burning the card and letting go of all the collected energy. It was my way of thanking the experience. They have traveled everywhere , and so many years I started seeing the parallel in different life situations expressed in the cards. I worked with Edward Waite cards, but tried many different cards during the years as well. A. Crowley, Angelcards, Shamanistic Cards and ordinary cards my grandmother is looking into. I find that Tarot has its own system and a very interesting way of looking into energies, spiritual paths and everyday life that I want to share with you among the knowledge I got during the many years of working with Tarot. 

I come from a orthodox christian background with a lot of superstition, I'm an art teacher and a healer and all this has somehow helped me look into and behind the structure of the Tarot.

My idea is to help others interested in learning about Tarot, different ways of approaching, finding the right questions and talk about ethics when you have a tool like this. A tool that can be used in many ways.

A 4 hour session with teaching, workshop, questions and guidance will be possible to be a part of once a month for 500 dkr. Every Session will be its own and it will be possible to be a part of one or all getting something out of each time. I'm looking forward to all the great Tarotwork in La Diosa.” 

All welcome to join!

Beginners and more advanced praticioners. Limited capacity of 12 participants, reserve your place in the circle by booking with your name and prepayment.

It is possible to only join one of the workshops, or attend them all- they will be different themes.