Moon rituals and events in La Diosa, August 2023

Our celestial Lady - the Moon

This month features two full moons!  The recent full-moon was on August 1st, and on August 30th we can experience the so called Blue Moon, a super-moon.

The moon is a fascinating and beautiful heavenly body, as important for our lives as the Sun. She influences our sleep, our hormones, the tides of the oceans, the crops. Farmers use a moon calender to know when to plant and when to harvest.

Traditionally, the Sun is considered to be the active masculine principle, and the moon the receptive, feminine principle, as the light reflected is coming from the Sun.

The moon is inviting us to tune into our intuition and wisdom, as we contemplate the cyclical rhythm of Nature.The moon is a great reminder for us to stay connected with the flow.

This month’s featured book is 10-Minute Moon Rituals

An inspiring, easily read guide to Moon rituals and how the moon influences each individual, given their astrological chart. How to perform effective rituals, as well as other non-ceremonial small tasks, to help us tap into the potential of the Moon.

Event calendar

19 Aug

Get your cards read by in-house tarot reader Mariia Snebjørk

28 Aug
Storytelling by Carina Lyall

You are invite to an afternoon with storytelling,