Storytelling by Carina Lyall

Storytelling by Carina Lyall

You are invited to an afternoon with storytelling, a mythical gathering.
This invitation is one to lean back and listen. With the ears and body. To words and worlds.

The even take place in La Diosa Copenhagen on the 28th. 17-19 2023

Carina Lyall will tell a story - like a bedtime story, or more a lense into a deeper inquiry.

In the mythical and mystery of story maybe finding a truth or a shoulder or an insight.

This evening’s story will offer space to reflect on what it is we give our energy to and which soil we choose to dig our roots and beings into.

In a time where we have our gaze set on the World, we will spend some time this evening turning it back in and down at the Earth. Not as a fleeing, but as a practice.

There will be time to discuss the story and imagery that was stirred.

The evening is in English.