Oracle card  - Temperance

After we become more self-aware, our ego gets more set and we cease to respond to reality, we act more out of a pattern of habits. Temperance shows a person that has returned to actions connected with the greater fabric of reality, richer than ever. Temperance offers the ability to combine spontaneity with insight.

Temperance means moderation, not self-control. No extremes are necessary, it is an honest and appropriate response to all situations that arise. The person that has liberated the inner-self, is characterised not only by temperance, but also the ability to combine all aspects of life.

Many people can only deal with life by dividing it up into different parts that often don’t mix. All these separations stem from a missing ability to take life as it comes, moment by moment. Temperance allows all these parts to unite, and make life flow naturally.

The flow of liquid from cup to cup, symbolises the stream from the unconscious to the conscious, from the moon to the sun. Abstract ideas turn into reality, we return to the world. Temperance is a card of actions, not concepts. Through consciousness, you can transform sexual energy and primal desires into the ability to fly. The wings represent the immortal soul, freed by death. Spirit rising up from the material body. The angel is life energy, rising up after the death of ego. We don’t need to perform miracles to sense our union with the universe. We only need to be ourselves.

We become masters of our fate, when we learn how to participate in life as it comes, instead of following routines, habits and defence-mechanisms.
In readings this card points out the middle way, with balance in actions. It often means nothing should be done, very often a situation requires that you just wait and see. Through the union of opposites, true balance emerges.