Oracle card  - Lust

The energy of the sub-conscious has been liberated and is quiet. The quest for inner wisdom cannot be fulfilled by the ego. You have to confront yourself with the feelings and desires that are hidden to your conscious thoughts. If you intend to change yourself through an entirely rational process, you create a new persona.

Step into the anxiety provoking exercise, to liberate your own hidden fears and desires. This card represents inner strength, that empowers you to take a long honest look at yourself without judgement. The mysteries can’t be forced to emerge, until we have the strength to meet them. Life doesn’t need to be controlled. Strength allows the inner passion to emerge, as the first step to overcome the boundaries of the ego.

The force is both liberated and tamed, opening your personality like Pandoras box.
There is a sense of love for life and peace in this action, you can rely on the best possible outcome. Unless we fully believe that the process of self-realisation is a joyful experience, we will not proceed to go through with it.

Lust manifested as strength represents the female qualities of intuition and free-flowing feelings. Only with a great psychological leap, can you transcend from the conscious to the sub-conscious. Lust is a symbol of emotional energy, the animalistic instincts, liberated and tamed. Sexuality is a force that can lead you to enlightenment. Lust stands for the practice of sexual magic, and it leads us to the liberation of the energy that is bound to our strongest emotions. This card stands for the ability to meet life with hope and enthusiasm, especially when facing problems and difficulties. It shows a person with inner strength that experiences life passionately, yet peacefully, without being led or controlled by desire.

You have the courage to begin or finish a difficult task, in spite of fear.