The Tower

Oracle card  - The Tower

The tower is the materialistic expression of the universe. The lighting is the destruction that comes to a life entirely based on materialistic principles.
If you live to satisfy the ego’s demand for comfort, to seek fame,
to desire physical well-being, while overlooking self-reflection and the spiritual beauty of the universe, you construct a pris- on around yourself. A pressure is built up inside, dreams are disturbed, arguments and depressions more common, and if further suppressed, the eruption of the subconscious will find its own way of exploding. It can result in misfortune with your relations around you, your friends and family could turn against you, work might become challenging, you are surrounded by turbulence in one way or another. The Tower represents the change that is necessary for our liberation of illusions. If we don’t seek it actively, it will come to us nevertheless. The Tower is a symbol of the revelation coming down as a flash, truth comes at once, or not at all.

The divine voice speaks directly to us, instantly, revelation in- stead of step-by-step knowledge.
In a reading, the Tower represents a period with violent changes 
and disruption, the dissolution of long-term situations, or relations.

The Tower ultimately brings freedom, that can lead to new beginnings with a greater insight.