The Hermit

Oracle card  - The Hermit

The Hermit offers two directions; the inward and the outward. Foremost, the Hermit represents withdrawal from the outer world with the aim of activating the subconscious mind. The Hermit is also a teacher who shows you how to begin this pro- cess and helps you find your way. The Hermit, living alone in the woods or the desert, is completely isolated from the rest of society; representing an alternative to church dogma and other authority. The Hermit’s way shows it is possible to get in touch with the divine through a personal experience. Even if the Hermit stays away from the structure of society, he is not shying away from people. The Hermit shares his knowledge with spiritual seekers. The three phases of the cabalistic teachings are first the doctrine, that can be read and studied. The second phase is insight from a personal teacher, and the third and most evolved, ecstatic union with the Divine.

The Hermit has withdrawn from the sensual world to enter his own psyche. The mental realm is rich with symbols, with joy, light and love and before you can encompass these aspects, you have to experience the mind as a quiet alternative to the noisy world of the senses.

The Hermit symbolises a transition. Through meditation techniques, psychic discipline, or analysis, you allow the mind to show its hidden aspects. After this, you will experience a sense of re-birth. The lamp is a symbol of a mentor and a pathfinder. The Hermit carries the light, and shows both his willingness to lead us, and your ability to find the way. The Hermit is also a symbol of the dissolution of opposites. Water and fire, male and female, all aspects come together here.

The wand is not used for magic but for support, and is the knowledge that helps to unlock the inner wisdom you possess. The card shows you might be withdrawing from external problems. What is important is, the inner transfer of attention for world activities to inner needs. You should withdraw emotional- ly from people and situations that seemed so necessary before. The card represents maturity, and a knowledge of what really matters in life.