Oracle card  - Death

Death is democratic: rich and poor, all experience death after life. The immense force of death transcends us above philosophical and psychological matters. Death is - just like life - always present. Without death, nothing new could enter the world. Eternity triumphs over the perishable, as the bones bear witness to. Because we fear death, we try to find a meaning and an explanation for it. Death unites us with Nature, and the consciousness that separates us from the world is annihilated. Every death creates new life. If we can accept death, we will live life with greater depth. The ego fights against letting go. This card shows you the moment, when you release the old mask, and allow transformation to take place. Death absorbs all life, black absorbs all colours.

This card represents a period with changes. In its most positive aspect, it shows an accomplishment of letting go of old habits and routines, to allow new forms to take shape. In its most negative aspect, it points to an invalidating fear of physical death. This fear is deeply rooted in most people. .