The Sun

.Oracle card  - The Sun

The Sun provides a joyous relief after trial. The Sun prepares for death and rebirth. It is an active, energetic state, in which the energy is externalised and brings a glow to life. Through the aid of the Sun, everything becomes simple, fun and physical. It joins the two polar opposites and unites them into one. Life and the
entire world is filled with a beautiful light. Enlightenment is an experience, not an idea. You feel alive, burning with a childlike happiness. The Sun also represents knowledge, since it travels across the sky and perceives everything. When we set free and transform this inner energy, we realise that paradise was never lost, it was always inside us. You are free to contemplate life from your inside with no shadows, just the universe filled with light. The Sun stands for happiness, joy, and an abundance of the beauty of life. It represents an entirely new perception of the world, seeing how life is rooted in light and joy. It carries optimism, energy and completion.