Oracle card  - Justice

Justice comes from the Greek titan Themes, or Justitia. Her blindfold indicates that her laws don’t discriminate, and are used equally for the poor and the rich. Justice’s laws are used for progress in the same level we can identify the truth about ourself and life.

A vision of the correspondence of the nature of things is not useful, unless it provokes an active reaction. We are always bid to act based on the wisdom we receive from our inner self. Not only the perfectly balanced scales, but everything in this card points out the balance between understanding and action. Justice symbolises a choice, and life’s demand of you, to make an active decision. Once you have made that decision, it cannot be undone. It will become a part of you. Our actions and choices shape us, and we create our future self through our way of inter- acting with the world. The scales represent the perfect balance between now and then. When you are preoccupied with the out- er world, you are a victim of the illusion that you live life through the active principle. When we turn towards the inner world, we change our consciousness. Then true action can begin, enrich- ing our lives with substance and value.

When we remain in controlled passivity like machines, pushed from event to event, without any understanding of the underlying mechanisms, we don’t grasp why we do what we do.
The goal is not to give up on the active principle, but to awaken it. True actions come from a deep insight of oneself, wisdom emerges from action, it is not coming spontaneously. We need to think about our lives, if we wish to understand it. But our thoughts will not lead to anything, unless they spring from a clear vision of truth. The road to understanding is through responsibility.

When we understand that our actions shape our life and who we are, the sword of wisdom will cut through the great mystery. Justice points out: you get what you have given out, and it is fair. She invites you, to see the truth in the situation.