The Hierophant

Oracle card  - The Hierophant - High Priest

The Hierophant is the archetype of inner truth. Moreover, the card represents the initiation into a secret doctrine. Here we combine teachings, education and tradition. The high Priest is the leader of the church, and he is also the companion of the Emperor. The word “pope” comes from father, and the High Priest is looked upon as the wise father, leading his children. Together, they share the responsibility for mankind. The Emperor looking out for the physical need, the High Priest aiding spiritual growth. The High Priest’s task is to speak with the divine, and translate the law of God/Goddess. The religious institutions that the Hierophant represents, can easily become corrupted by the thirst for power, and obedience is valued high- er than enlightenment. To truly find God, one must go through some terrifying aspects of one’s psyche. It is also an ongoing battle of what is the higher moral in life’s many choices. The Hierophant represents initiation, and enlightenment. It is the action that unites the individual with the universe. There is a representation of the sun and the moon in the card, a symbol of the inner and outer path. We learn to see religion and spirituality more as an experience of cosmos, rather than an explanation.

Great mystics have been deeply rooted in tradition. In his most positive aspect, the Hierophant provides a starting point for a personal relation with the Divine.
In readings, this card represents education, and to a certain ex- tent, handing over of responsibility.

It is an intellectual way of approaching spirituality. It also stands for acceptance of ones own responsibility to sincerely and truth- fully find ones individual path.