The Star

.Oracle card  - The Star

After the storm comes peace. After you have gone through an emotional upheaval, the sensation of peace and calm arrives. The Star represents unity, openness, and healing.
The Star is free, naked and relaxed. The energy is freely given,
with confidence that life will supply endless renewal of energy. The universal life energy is set in motion, because you dare to pour your own life force into it. In a sacred flow, this energy is going inwards as well as outward.

The Star has reached the source, as light emerging from dark- ness. The transformation to light is the unconsciousness, the hidden within us, changed into conscious ecstatic attentiveness. All archetypes are mixed into the ultimate truth. Every action that is a form of creation is materialising spiritual energy. As long as you stay connected to the source, the flow will not dis- continue. The Star is embodiment of inner ecstatic experience, liberating vital life force.

This is a card for inner peace, not action. In this moment, the journey can wait. It is a state of hope and tranquility.