The Moon

Oracle card  - The Moon

In the Moon, you experience visions, myths and imagery coming alive. It is the card of fantasy, reflecting inner experiences to the outer mind. The collective unconscious contains monsters as well as heroes, fear as well as happiness. The strange half- shine of the Moon brings forth mixed emotions in humans and animals. The insane souls were believed to fly to the Moon. The Moon kindles strange behaviour. Simplicity can only be appreciated after your journey through the bizarre landscape of the Moon. Like the wolf and dog that howl at the Moon at night, they represent the animal self awakened by the Moon. In the development if of, wildness surfaces. A were-wolf is a metaphor for the power, that turns even the most respectable person into something primitive and un-human.

The animal returns in full force. Dreams are an outburst of energy, and nightmares show uncontrolled feelings. A sudden release of subconscious energy has dissolved the persona. The largest mistakes are the ones that never take place. You feel something in your inner landscape, and can never see exactly what it is. If you surrender to the wild things conjured by the deepest fantasy, the Moon will bring you peace. The fears disappear, and fantasy will bring you back, enriched. In divinatory practice, the Moon points to an excitement of the subconscious. Strange feelings, dreams, anxiety and hallucinations. Allow it to happen. Accept how life gets enriched by fantasy. It can be a sign to give up certain activities, and retreat to silence and contemplation. The psyche works according to its own laws, and has turned towards the Moon. Open the gate to the adventurous.