The Chariot

Oracle card  - The Chariot

The Chariot shows a carriage, traditionally driven through pro- cession with a victorious hero.
Glory, the celebration of the masses!
It stands for a major victory, and control over the strong animal that pulls the carriage. This card is the perfect symbol of will-power.

Spiritual victory over evil will occur when we can unite nature with the unconscious energy.
The Chariot is a developed ego, successful in life, admired by
others, confident and able to control emotions and above all, the will.

The power of the Chariot is submitted to will. Strong character controls life’s adverse influences.
He has a mature sexuality that he alone controls. He is therefore not a victim of his emotions, and his sexuality contributes to a satisfying life.

His mental energy controls his passions. His will is stronger than the rules of society.
In spite of this, he has a rigid character. The psyche that sub
mits all to conscious will is in danger of becoming petrified and

losing connection with the same powers that it has learned to master.
The chariot is also the perfect picture of civilisation, bringing order to Nature’s chaos, and it stands for the quality of the spoken word. The most important function of language is to pass on information; this allows society to continue.

Like the ego, language also has its limitations. Language limits our experience of reality. To describe the world with common labels we create a barrier between ourselves and what we experience. We come to ignore what we can’t describe in words. Mystical unions with spirit can’t be described. We have to go beyond ego, to find our true self. The card indicates, that a situation is controlled successfully by sheer power, and success will be the outcome.