.Oracle card  - Judgement

Judgement is a magnetic pull towards our deepest inner truth. It also recognises that this driving force is larger than any individual will. It draws you towards a lift towards a richer existence. The barrier between outer and inner surroundings has melted away. In Judgement, all illusions of separation are gone, and not death but resurrection is emphasised. Judgement is about coming to terms with previous experiences, as a process to leave them behind. Judgement is not just about individual life, but the insight of how the divine is behind the fabric of all things and experiences. Judgement brings a new understanding, coming from the union of inner self and the force of life. Judgement is the meeting of two times, real time, and spiritual time, eternity. The angel descends from the universe to awaken you. The new and more conscious existence is previously unknown to you, but once you have experienced your true self you are at the center of the universe. This center exists everywhere. In divinatory meaning, Judgement points at the pressure from within, to perform a crucial change. The change has already taken place, the old situation and the old persona is already dead. It is just a matter of admitting it, letting go, and embracing the new.