The World

.Oracle card  - The World

What can be said about an understanding, a freedom, an ecstasy that lies beyond words? The subconscious acknowledged by the conscious, the outer self combined with the force of life, knowledge that is not mere knowledge but an eternal dance. When harmony is a fact, the symbols disappear, and turn into a dancing soul. True harmony is found in motion. Everything in the universe is moving, the world around the sun, the sun through the galaxy, everything circles around. There is no center, just swirling energy. At the same time everything and nothing. The energy is in an eternal flow, with roots in the sexual and material world. Nature is ever present. When you acknowledge that the Divine not is something distant, but ever-present in yourself, you communicate this truth with your existence.

The moment you unite with life completely, you understand freedom. The World stands for success, progress and satisfaction. It shows a complete balance between the inner sense of life, and worldly presence.