The Magician

The Magician is in direct line with the Fool, juggling with the possibilities of life.
The Magician raises his magic wand to bring the creative life force into reality.
The Magician is well aware of the psychic power that the Fool so carelessly carries over his shoulder.

The Magician symbolises consciousness, action and creativity. He is the manifestation of thought, creating something real out of life’s possibilities.
He uses the physical world to practice magic, and creates it in the sense of giving life direction and content.

The posture of the Magician is like a lightening rod, pulling down the spiritual force, letting the energy run down into the ground. Into reality.
This is symbolising the descent of spirit.

Tuning into the creative force and becoming a channel for this energy, this inspiration. In Spirit. Our bodies are not designed to contain this life force, but to let it flow through. This is when we function best, as vessels for creative and active living.

The Magician reminds us not to try to hold on and grasp the moment of magic in our lives, but to understand that the only way to hold this vital force is to pass it on. The feelings of power, that essentially is life, withers away if we try to maintain it.

The divinatory meaning of the Magician is given by his hands, the hand that receives the power, and the other hand that gives its direction. The card means consciousness of the power that is in our life, and of the spirit within you.

This card also indicates a beginning, inspiration to start a new project or new phase in life, and the excitement that will car- ry you forward to your goal through hard work. The Magician is a strong symbol of the creative force, and will-power. The strength comes from the will being focused in one direction, towards one goal. The people that seem to get what they want in life are the people that know what they want and are able to direct their energy.