Wheel of Fortune

Oracle card  - Wheel of Fortune

Traditionally, the church considered pride a great sin, because you, in pride, put yourself above God.
The tale of a great king’s fall from power is a cautionary tale. In
the legend of King Arthur, the king before the final battle has a dream of a rich king on top of a wheel.

Suddenly Fortuna, the Goddess of fortune, turns the wheel and the king gets crushed.No matter how much worldly power we have, our fate is not dependent on this.This tale is rooted in the great Goddess tradition, when the king was sacrificed every year. Wheel of Fortune represents the mystery of the cycle of Nature. Wheel of Fortune is a symbol of how erratic and unpredictable fate is. Who or what controls the Wheel of Fortune? What controls the universe and the forces within it? If you dig deeper, you will see that fate is just an illusion, a cover up of the fact that our understanding of the principles of life are too limited to understand the correlation between all matter.

Things don’t just happen, they happen for a reason.
The power to give life, shape and purpose to the universe belongs to Spirit.
Shamans and mystics have told how their visions show every
thing is connected, and everything fits together because of spirit. Our limited understanding hinders us from seeing that we are one with the universe, and thus perfect. When you can stop grasping and the desire of external things, you step off the wheel, and you are truly free.