The Fool

The Major Arcana

Liberated spirit, through leap of faith. Through a dark passage, a rabbit hole. A passage foolish to make. Why look into the abyss of the mind, when you can stay safe in what you know? Beyond the institution, beyond anything organised, the Fool is in touch with intuition. And with the leap into the unknown, the Fool often finds way to knowledge, insights, peace and liberation.

The Fool brings us to the heart of anxiety and fear, at the same time as it helps us stay on our true path of inner wisdom. The Fool doesn’t follow conventions, or other people’s rules.
The Fool is not walking alone, but with an animal as a companion. The animal represents the force of Nature, and the animalistic nature of humans, completely in harmony with the part that acts according to its instincts.

Deny your inner self, and it will become frightening. Pay attention to it, and it will guide you with mild manners.
The Fool holds a rose in hand. The rose represents passion, sublimated to a higher level. Eros is the animating force of the universe. Sexuality here is elevated to spirit.

The Fool carries experiences on the back, not rejecting them, and not allowing them to control him. His higher instinct interprets and transforms all the experiences, with a soul that strives for heaven.

The wand over the shoulder is a representation of power, easily carried, as the Fool dances away. The wand is black, symbolising that the Fool is not commanding this spiritual power consciously. Black is a symbol for the endless possibility, the unlimited life force before consciousness creates limitations.

The Fool is the animating force, giving life to static scenarios. Without the courage of the Fool, we will be stuck in situations that don’t lead us forward.
The Fool guides us in times of hard transitions, spurring us onwards in spite of our fear.

The Fool reminds us that we know what to do. Trusting inner wisdom and only acting upon it when the timing is right.