The Empress

Oracle card  - The Empress

The Empress represents a mild, more accessible side of the feminine archetype. She is motherhood, love and affection. She also represents sexuality, emotion, and woman as a lover. The Empress is pure emotion.Her thought processes don’t follow any logic, they are not rational. She represents a fiery, fervent outlook on life. With uncontrolled feelings she gives and receives these experiences. Before we learn how to experience the outer world completely, we cannot hope to transcend it. That’s why sensuality is the first step towards enlightenment. Only through a deep inner passion and not through an intellectual approach, can we sense the spirit that makes up the entire universe.

The body and nature are realities that need to be integrated, not denied nor repressed. Excess of pleasures nor misguided asceticism will not lead to the higher state. What we seek is the golden middle road. The reality of the Empress is a combination of the vital life force, and the possibilities for future development. The Empress is ruled by Venus, and she wears the universe as a jewel. She is in blissful harmony between change and stability. The Empress embodies a period of passion. This is when we approach life with feeling, instead of thoughts.