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Psychedelic Mysteries of the Feminine

Psychedelic Mysteries of the Feminine

Creativity, Ecstasy, and Healing
By Maria Papaspyrou, Chiara Baldini and David Luke Foreword by Allyson Grey

Women have been shamans since time immemorial, not only because women have innate intuitive gifts, but, also, because the female body is wired to more easily experience altered states, such as during the process of birth. Whether female or male, the altered states produced by psychedelics and ecstatic trance expand our minds to tap into and enhance our feminine states of consciousness as well as reconnect us to the web of life.
In this book, we discover the transformative powers of feminine consciousness and altered states as revealed by contributors both female and male, including revered scholars, visionary artists, anthropologists, modern shamans, witches, psychotherapists and policy makers. The book begins with an in-depth look at the archetypal dimensions of the feminine principle and how entheogens give us open access to these ancient archetypes, including goddess consciousness and the dark feminine. The contributors examine the female roots of shamanism, including the role of women in the ancient rites of Dionysus, the Eleusinian Sacrament and Norse witchcraft. 

  • Published : 06/06/2019
  • ISBN : 9781620558027
  • Format : Paperback
  • Pages : 368