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Tarot Kort og Godt

Tarot Kort og Godt

By Susanne Taylor based on Aleister Crowley's tarot cards

In this book you will be guided into a colourful universe beautiful tarot symbols that whisper to the soul and heart. You are invited on a spiritual journey where you become familiar with the meaning of each card. The 4 disciplines are: Earth, water, air and fire. You will be introduced to the 12 zodiac signs, the meaning of the colours and the most important tarot symbols, the questioning technique, as well as how to interpret the 12 different spread.

The book teach you how to combine the big and small arkana with each other and is easily accessible to everyone. The Tarot cards are like little spiritual journals that will open up unknown pages in you. If you want to develop your intuitive skills and help others? Then the tarot cards are a unique tool for creating a spiritual career or using for everyday small and big issues.


Language: Danish