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Dreams of the Goddess

Dreams of the Goddess

Discovering the Divine While You Sleep.
This book, which can also be thought of as a journal opens the mystical world of dreams and deepens the reader's relationship with the Goddess, regardless of experience. It contains guides for rituals, spells, exercises and meditations.
Simple techniques are designed to gently guide you to successful, inspiring, magickal, and spiritual dreaming enabling you to navigate the dreamer's path to the Goddess using both ancient and modern ways.
Your insights and dreams can be recorded in the carefully crafted journal sections located in each chapter. The journal section and a symbolic reference section, with spiritual symbols and meanings from paths around the world, combine to teach the student or master to go beyond simple interpretation of dreams to magickal understanding.
This book helps you find the power that has always been just beyond your grasp in the late night hours and make it a magickal source of renewal and growth.