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Den Nye Tantra - Bog

Den Nye Tantra - Bog

What is good sex? Is it when I have had an orgasm and lie satisfied and heal you afterwards? Yes it is.

But good tantra sex is far more. The new tantra is not just about sexual satisfaction, but about a personal and common development process. Tantra sex is a direct path to a much larger meeting between you than "regular sex" usually gives you access to. It's about meeting as deeply, as loudly and as deeply as I possibly can.

Therefore, tantra sex satisfies better, and once you have got what you benefit from, the urge to seek out the fast, empty calories through superficial sex, infidelity, and small illegitimate infatuations and daydreams ceases. There will be a natural calm and harmony in your relationship. When you get what you need, you run nowhere. And neither does your partner. Author and spiritual teacher Anne Sophie Jørgensen invites both established couples, new couples and singles who want to work with their sexuality and love life, inside the new tantra. She has updated a millennial doctrine from the East and brought it into a modern reality. She inspires us in how we can work with energy, chakras and meditation, all the while throwing ourselves around the duvets, or where we are now, and playing our way to a sexuality that uplifts us and enriches our relationships.

This book is written in Danish.