The Death Card Unveiled

The Death Card Unveiled

Workshop in La Diosa with in-house tarot nerd Mariia Snebjørk 
October 31st 17:30-19:30

Step into the sacred space of La Diosa after bours, and join our circle of wonder on the mystical night of Halloween as we embark on a 2-hour journey through the enigmatic realms of the Death tarot card.

The focus of this mystical gathering, is to demystify the ominous

Death card-
-a symbol that often sends shivers down spines.

Together, we will plunge into the depts of esoteric death, wbere transformation and rebirth await, like sparks of magick in the night.

We will collectively do a reading for each participant.

Our focus? Transformation, the very essence of this bewitching night.

No matter if you're a curious beginner or a seasoned reader, all are welcome to join this enchanting little circle. Together, we will unlock the secrets hidden within the Death card and discover the magick it bolds.