The Art of Dying

The Art of Dying

Death is certain, and something we all have in common, eventually. 

We invite you to join our workshop on Thursday November 2nd, surrounding the subject of death and the ultimate letting go. 
We will do a practical exercise, followed by a guided meditation in a comprehensible fashion. It can best be characterized as a "light" version of Phowa; the famous tantric exercise in dying consciously. 

The art of dying is a useful tool for approaching life without fear of the unknown. It is in its essence, a journey back to our Source. 

To be clear: this is a safe workshop to participate in! It is a difficult subject, but a fairly simple exercise, that anybody can participate in.

The workshop will be led by Julia Rosenkrantz, certified Death Doula in the Buddhist tradition. 
If possible, please bring a yoga mat for your comfort. We have meditation cushions. 

The cost of the workshop is 200 DKK. and takes place on Thursday November 2nd. at 17:00.

Members of CUM get at discount of 50%
"Death is a stripping away of all that is not you. The secret of life is to die before you die -and find that there is no Death"

Eckhart Tolle