Goddess Boutique


By Dr. Ted Anders.
It's no secret that life without love is meaningless. Love is at the heart of all life and the reason we are here. While there are countless books on how to find love or create love, this book offers an exceptional perspective on the subject. Based on the undeniable truth that we are, in fact, love itself, Untwisted presents a unique step-by-step approach for awakening that truth. It is a truth that unravels the twisted perceptions we have of ourselves in an effort to lead us on a straight, smooth path to true happiness and fulfilment.

Most of us live with the delusion that love is something we need to search for - that we are separate from love. This is twisted thinking. Untwisted reveals that love is not something that is found outside of ourselves, but rather something that lies at the very heart of our intrinsic beings. We do not need to reach for love or strive for love, because we are love. Love is what makes us living, breathing human beings. Without it, we are nothing more than flesh and bones. Love is the unique impulse that animates us and gives us life.

On a personal level, an awakening to the deep truth that you are love will transform your life beyond anything you've ever imagined. Untwisted is your guide to that awakening.