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Sex Witch

Sex Witch

SEX WITCH combines occult knowledge with tried-and-true relationship advice to provide spells for each stage of a relationship. Self-love, seduction, sex, love, protection, revenge, and healing are all covered. 

The spells, such as “A Tarot Spread to Find Which Relationship Format Is Right for You,” “No TERFS Allowed: Embrace Gender Identity,” and “Consecrate Sex Toys” use occult knowledge and Saint Thomas's award-winning relationship writing to manifest a spell book that does something genuinely magickal: it works.

Love is not always fair. Sometimes we get hurt or hurt others. Using the magic inside, you'll learn how to stay balanced during these ups and downs:· Break toxic cycles. 

  • ·  Use candle magic to summon the perfect partner. 

  • ·  Embrace and unleash your kinks. 

  • ·  Navigate relationships through rough patches. 

  • ·  Get over former lovers. 

  • ·  Practice self-forgiveness and self-kindness.