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Rune Might - Edred Thorsson

Bill Bailey / Deep Books

Rune Might - Edred Thorsson

The Secret Practices of the German Rune Magicians

Although the rune renaissance began blossoming in Anglo-American occult circles in the 1970s, the runes have been part of the occult revival in Germany since its beginning in the late 19th century, with roots that go back centuries further. Exploring the history of esoteric runology and the work of the trailblasers of modern rune magic, including Guido von List, Friedrich Bernhard Marby and Rudolf John Gorsleben, author, Edred Thorsson, details the secret practices and runic systems of the German rune magicians, including techniques for using runes in unprecedented ways to draw power into your life.

By immersing yourself in the world of the runic pioneers and the practices they designed, you will emerge with a deeper understanding of runes as well as the magical world from which they emanate.