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Radical Generosity

Radical Generosity

Unlock the Transformative Power of Giving  By M. J. Ryan 

Gratitude and generosity go hand in hand - the more we appreciate our lives, the more we want to give to others.This book takes a look at generosity: what creates it, what blocks it and what the practice of generosity can bring to our lives.

In a series of short, heart-felt essays, Ryan encourages us all to stop living from what she calls “the ledger sheet mentality” of obligatory giving and to begin giving from the overflow of a loving heart. She asks readers to consider where and how they are stingy, as well as where they are meant to give and to contemplate all the types of possible generosity, because, ultimately, the giving of time, energy, kind words, loving gestures and forgiveness may matter more than any amount of money.

In her down-to-earth, accessible style, Ryan takes us to the heart of what it means to truly give and what that giving can do, not only for the recipient, but for ourselves, as well.