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Queen Up! -Angela Kaufman

Queen Up! -Angela Kaufman

Reclaim Your Crown When Life Knocks You Down!
Unleash the Power of Your Inner Tarot Queen.

This book offers a unique take on using tarot queens to empower women and presents a year's worth of daily exercises to inspire personal development and to “queen up!” The four queens in this system represent the four different key forces necessary for balance: inspiration (Queen of Wands), passion (Queen of Swords), love (Queen of Cups) and abundance (Queen of Pentacles).
Meditations and exercises will help readers to queen up by discovering the power of the archetypes borrowed from the tarot and reinvented in a new context for a new purpose.

The book explains the foundation of the system and offers a detailed explanation of each archetype, workbook-style exercises and practical tips for aligning and balancing the energies of each queen. It, also, provides a year's worth of weekly exercises, meditations, rituals and reflections to help readers develop their intuition and manifest their dream lives.