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Nag Kanya

Nag Kanya

Nag Kanya is the Queen of the Nagas. Nagas are half divine beings who live mainly in the subtle water realms and walk between the worlds. Nag Kanya is known for its magical abilities. As a shape-shifter, for example, she can take on human traits at any time.

She is the goddess of water and rain and guardian of the earth s treasures. The wings of the Nag Kanya symbolically show her connection with the heavenly spheres, but are also an expression of her immense speed with which she speeds through the dimensions. The five-headed cobra forms a protective hood behind her head. With her snake body and her wings she flies effortlessly into the deepest interior of the earth as well as into the highest dimensions and into all spheres in between. For this reason she is also regarded as the guardian of all thresholds and doors.

In India, a Nag Kanya is often attached at the entrance to guard the door from unwanted energies, but from happiness, fertility, and all high energies.

  • Size: 23 cm
  • Material: Copper/brass