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Kyphi Pyramid incense peas
Kyphi Pyramid incense peas

Kyphi Pyramid incense peas

25g Kyphi incense peas.

Ingredients: Organic raisins, heavy red wine, organic honey, mastix, myrrh, benzoe, olibanum, juniper berry, calamus, coriander, styrax, rose blossoms, sandalwood powder, cinnamon bark, fenugreek, cardamon, vetiver, galangal, labdanum.

Kyphi peas - the incense of the Pharao
Long time ago, in ancient egypt, the Pharao had a wonderful tradition: In front of his temples and within his private rooms he used to have an incense ceremony with a very special incense: Kyphi. Kyphi was being made with lots of devotion in an mindful process. Only the priests and the novices were allowed to prepare it in the holy temples.
Kyphi inspires our senses and souls. It links us to another world and makes us forget the trouble of daily life. The foggy mist of the mind subsides and we become receptive for our inner wisdom. This is why Kyphi is especially useful for meditation and as a bedtime incense.
For our Kyphi there are 19 ingredients being pulverized and being mixed in several steps in a singing bowl. The dough then needs a rest period in which it gets some additional singing bowl frequencies. Finally the Kyphi peas are being rolled by hand - mindful and in devotion - out of the dough. Now they are ready to dry. The whole process take several weeks