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Isis - Ascended Masters Burning Blend

La Diosa Copenhagen

Isis - Ascended Masters Burning Blend

Isis gives you loving comfort in your time on earth. It strengthens you in the decision to accept life and reminds you of your true home. Ascended Masters have mastered their path. Like all of us here on earth, they were confronted with the challenges of life. They have traversed these and brought their innermost being to perfection. Now they walk in the kingdom of light, but are forever connected with us earth beings. They are at our side, they guide and protect us, they let us feel their love and work on the upliftment of all humanity. Each master has his own energy; his own sound and of course his own scent.

The selected plants and flowers of these incenses represent the scent of the respective master. Whether gentle and loving, or straightforward and clear... Let us connect with the master of our choice and smoke her fragrance in honour of her or to call her, and she will have an effect on us with her energy in our life.
  • Ingredients: Tourmaline, Mace, King Candle Blossoms, Opoponax, Elecampane Root 
  • Size of the jar:  60 ml.