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Herbal Salvation - Moon Magic gift set with Quartz

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Herbal Salvation - Moon Magic gift set with Quartz

Magic self care Moon kit, hand made and selected by Rie with her company Herbal Salvation. Rie is a knowledgeable hedge witch, that shares her rituals and the herbs healing properties in this lovely kit. Complete with instructions for how to use it. This kit is for easing menstrual cramps, and creating a powerful moon time ritual.


  • Sea Sponge - natural, unbleached, ethically harvested. May be used as a tampon and as a way of collecting moon-blood.
  • Lord Have Mercy - a warming, pain relieving oil.Apply on abdominal area and lower back area.
  • Norway Spruce Resin- relaxes, purifies and protects you during moon-time. Burn it on charcoal during rituals or before meditating. 
  • Quartz stone, for protection and purification.