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Herbal Magic Journal

Herbal Magic Journal

Spells, Rituals, and Writing Prompts for the Budding Green Witch
Theodosia Corinth

Nature is all around us and holds with it an immense wealth of power. Folding plant magic into your quest for spiritual wellness and mindfulness will help you commune with the natural world and all of the divine forces in it. Each spell, ritual, or grounding meditation is accompanied by thoughtful prompts to encourage deeper introspection while you weave your spells.

As you carry out rituals and fill out the spaces for reflection, you can then use the pages to craft your own unique brand of magic. Whether you are a communal kitchen witch or a solitary hedgewitch, these spells are practical and filled with easy components to source. As a companion to Herbal Magic, this guided journal will help bring the sun and wild magic into day-to-day routines for many different types of magical practices.

Expand your craft with these easy-to-understand, step-by-step instructions for:
· Connecting with nature through the process of growing your own plants
· Herbal magic lore and herbal magic spell tools
· Tea recipes that can enhance your psychic abilities
· Spells for attractions, trust, fortune, and friendship

Whether you're a budding witch or the roots of your practice have been established, the Herbal Magic Journal offers a rewarding mystical journey into the self.

  • Pages : 160