Goddess Boutique

La Diosa Copenhagen

Enchanted Ataraxia soap

Handmade soap 

Main Note: Lavender, basil and rosmary.
Natural Additives: Activated Charoal, spirulina and rose powder.

Vegan and Palm olie free

"Enchanted Ataraxia's Handcrafted Cold Process Soap Bars are made the old fashioned way and will leave your skin feeling soft and moisturised, not tight and dry like most of the commercially mass produced soap bars on the market. No artificial detergents here. Only the best, all natural ingredients are used to create harmonising and skin caring synergies between the organic oils, butters and clays that go into creating each and every Enchanted body bar - allow your shower time to be one of natural luxury and exquisite botanical indulgence - a serene and sacred daily ritual you can create for yourself in the comfort of your own bathroom, or on the beach, under the rain - whatever works for you, just remember to add water."