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Clear quartz crystal energy generator

Clear quartz crystal energy generator

  • Center pyramid 4 point design healing crystals quartz energy generator, center pyramid amplifies the four directions of energy of earth through its apex and draws off negative energy and blockage from chakras.
  • Energy generator Measures approx 3.5" in diameter and 1.2" in high.The center pyramid measures 1" in diameter and high. Since it's handmade and each stone is a unique natural creation, please expect some slight variation in terms of size, color, texture, etc.
  • Rock crystal is known as the "master healer" and will amplify energy and thought. rock crystal energy generator helps you absorb and store positive energy, regulate and draw off negative energy of all kinds. You will feel better physically as well as mentally. Energy blockages are healed and your energy field starts to flow. You will feel joyful, harmonious and energized.
  • Four direction Quartz generator activates and generates energy through this generator by placing it on your Crystal grid, send the energy of your grid in four directions.
  • Package includes 1 x crystal generator, comes with a velvet pouch, a wonderful gifts for you, your families and your friends, they can be placed home, office, carry in pocket or anywhere to create a strong healing vibration and clear the atmosphere of negative energies.