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Cannabis in Spiritual Practice - Will Johnson

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Cannabis in Spiritual Practice - Will Johnson

The Ecstasy of Shiva, the Calm of Buddha

With the end of marijuana prohibition on the horizon, people are now openly seeking a spiritual path that embraces the benefits of cannabis. Drawing upon his decades of experience as a teacher of Buddhism, breathing, yoga and embodied spirituality, Will Johnson examines Eastern spiritual perspectives on marijuana and offers specific guidelines and exercises for integrating cannabis into spiritual practice. Exploring the Buddhist practices of calming the mind and grounding yourself in sensory awareness, Johnson shows that, while traditional Buddhist teachings forbid the use of intoxicating substances, Buddhists who use cannabis are not committing a cardinal sin - in following our dharma, we must embrace what best supports our spiritual practice.

He concludes with a new translation of the Five Moral Precepts of Buddhism - what he calls the Five Precepts of Embodied Responsibility - adapted to include energetic practices using breath, interaction with the energies of nature, sacred sex and the judicious use of entheogenic substances, such as cannabis, as legitimate support for spiritual growth.