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Angel Phurba


Angel Phurba

The Phurba is also called demon dagger. A phurba is a ritual instrument used primarily by Nepalese shamans and Tibetan Buddhists. A phurba is a very powerful instrument for restraining negative energies or demons, chasing them into the lower realms, or nailing them down so that they can no longer escape. The trinity of the dagger, which find their point together, represent the three poisons greed, hatred and delusion. These are transformed by the impact of the dagger. A Phurba should always be blessed and tuned before use. In this way he can render good service in his use. To condemn negative energies or demons into the lower astral world, one pushes the phurba powerfully into the earth. If rooms are cleaned, you can also use a bowl with rice, grain or soil. Shows the fight between good and evil. The large angel wings of the Phurba protect the user.

Material: White metal antique with stand
H: 33 cm  W: 17 cm