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Agua de Kananga 221 ml


Agua de Kananga 221 ml

Agua de Kananga is a fragrant water with a sweet, intense and creamy fragrance used by some Peruvian shamanic practitioners for cleansing, healing, ritual feeding and flowering. This spirit water is often used during ceremonies for the removal of heavy energies. It is considered to be much stronger than Agua de Florida. Represents masculine energy. Primarily used for harmonization and as an aphrodisiac. 

Kananga Water is a cologne based on a foundation of the essential oil of Ylang Ylang (also known as Cananga odorata) a tropical tree that originates in Indonesia, Malaysia, and the Philippines. The fragrance is rich and deep with notes of rhubarb and custard plant, and bright with hints of jasmine and neroli. The delicate and floral aroma of Kananga Water is appealing and mood lifting.

It is widely used as an aura of protection, it also goes great before bedtime for relaxation. It can also be used as a daily cologne as it has a fabulous aroma and attracts prosperity, luck and love. It rejects negative energies so it attracts the positive in business, work and love. Opens paths and  gives more confidence to yourself. Considered a sacred water for esoteric rituals that also serves to reinforce cleansing baths.